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D16/M Peripherals Page.                               Click on pictures to get larger/higher quality images.
The D16/M Minicomputer Page itself has become a bit cluttered; so here is a separate one to describe the various plug-in modules.
« This is a photograph of the D16/M Main Memory and Bus Terminator Module.  It carries 64K words of CMOS RAM, 32K words of  EPROM, and termination resistors for the D16/M bus.
« Here is the Serial/Parallel I/O Module.  It provides two RS-232 compatible serial ports and two Centronics-compatible printer ports, and supports either polled or interrupt-driven operation.
« This is the new SD Card Interface Module.  It allows the D16/M to access up to four SD flash memory cards, using a hardware- driven implementation of the SPI serial protocol .  There is a 32 MB SD card plugged into Unit 0, the socket on the  left.
The D16/M peripheral documentation follows.  All docs are in Adobe PDF fromat, except those specifically indicated otherwise.

D16_bus            D16/M external bus connector pinout.

MEM_SCH       Schematic Diagram of the Main Memory/Bus Terminator Module.
SPIO_SCH        Schematic Diagram of the Serial/Parallel I/O Module.
SDIO_SCH       Schematic  Diagram of the SD Card Interface Module.

membd_layout        Component layout for the Memory Module.
spio_layout             Component layout for the Serial/Parallel I/O Module.
sdio_layout             Component layout for the SD Card Interface Module (coming soon!)

SDIOdoc           Commands/Addresses for the SD Card Interface Module
SDIO.asm          (D16 assembly) Source Code for the SD Card Interface Test Program 

peripheral_design_notes     (HTML) Design and Construction Notes for the D16/M  peripherals.
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