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Bob Armstrong's Spare Time Gizmos Site.
Would you like to have a small computer with a real front panel, but don't really want to tackle building it from scratch?  How about a kit?  Bob has created the SBC6120, a microprocessor- based replica of the DEC PDP8/E;  I have really enjoyed assembling and hacking on mine!
Loren Blaney's D16/M Site.              
Programming wizard Loren wrote a software
emulator for the D16/M, and then used it to develop some applications--a keyboard monitor and a tough chess-playing program--even before I managed to get the hardware completed!  Loren has placed all of his work on this site.
Loren Blaney's XPL0 Site. Here is the full story on the XPL0 programming language, which Loren has recently ported to the D16/M.
Bill Buzbee's Homebrew CPU Home Page. Bill has designed and built the Magic-1, an 8-bit computer comparable in scale to the D16/M, but with superior high-level language support.

Bill has also ported the C programming language to the D16/M!
Sam's Laser FAQ.
Samuel Goldwasser's Laser FAQ is not really a FAQ!  It's more a vast encyclopedia of laser information and lore.
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