I graduated from Georgia Tech in 1981 with a bachelorís degree in electrical engineering.


Right after graduation, I went to work for Martin Marietta Aerospace in Denver, Colorado.I spent eleven years with Martin; working mostly on missile programs.I helped design the ground instrumentation for the Peacekeeper (MX) missile, and I participated in its installation and use for the missileís first launch at Vandenberg AFB in California.Later, I was responsible for the design of a new fiber-optic communication system at Vandenberg; this system has seen extensive use in the flight-test programs for Peacekeeper and for the Small ICBM.


In 1988 I founded a small manufacturing company, Epilog Corporation, along with Steve Garnier (also from Georgia Tech).Epilog manufactures laser materials-processing equipment, and turned out to be a big success--in 1992, I left Martin Marietta to work at this new company full-time.


I am currently Vice President of Engineering at Epilog.We have nearly fifty employees.


I am married to Bonnie Brown, a beautiful lady I met while I was working at Vandenberg.We have no children; just Theresa and Amanda, a couple of delightful cats!


My other hobbies and interests include scuba diving, music (harp and composition), model rocketry, and amateur radio (my callsign is KV0L).